CEEN Network

The CEEN objective is to bring together 21 local community based organizations to build a coalition of volunteers to work collaboratively on two projects to positively impact our community.  This project is documenting the volunteer time and activities being donated by members of these organizations to show the Community Philanthropy being provided by these groups.

Project I. Healthcare Professional Forum:

In partnership with the University of Mississippi Medical Center, the CEEN Network brought over 100 healthcare professionals together to receive information on UMC’s Health Careers Recruitment and Enrichment Pipeline Programs. From this forum, over half of the professionals either donated money or their time to be mentors at some level.

Project II. Black Belt Initiative:

The Black Belt Initiative is a mentorship program that will inspire 40 young Black males in two middle schools, by daring them to be different. It is anticipated that a"village" of volunteers will provide mentorship for over 40 African-American males in Jackson and Canton, MS, consisting of a male leader and 2 to 3 female volunteers. The students will receive one-on-one guidance in the areas of responsibility, respect for self and others, work ethic, attire, oral and written communication and other character-building areas.  They will be presented a "Black Belt" for the expressed purpose of "keeping their pants up" while they receive information regarding character development.