Dr. Juanita Sims Doty

                                                                                          An academician and educator, entrepreneur, national public service leader and                                                                                           advisor, a dedicated family member committed to serving her community, Dr.                                                                                            Doty has distinguished herself in many venues and disciplines.  Her                                                                                           accomplishments span national and local volunteerism as she serves on                                                                                           several Boards of Directors and donates her time and resources to community                                                                                           organizations.  In July 2006 she was installed as the 23rd South Eastern                                                                                           Regional Director of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated and was reelected                                                                                           to this position in July, 2008.  She was Chairman of the National Program from                                                                                           2002-2006; was co-host with the former first lady of Mississippi, the late Ms. Pat                                                                                           Fordice, of the highly successful statewide television show, “Woman to Woman”,                                                                                           an issue related talk magazine format program; and, is frequently asked to                                                                                           keynote conferences and symposiums. Currently, she serves as Senior Advisor                                                                                           for Outreach at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development of                                                                                           the National Institutes of Health. She is a member of Anderson United Methodist                                                                                           Church.

Having earned advanced degrees from the University of Southern Mississippi and a doctorate in early childhood education from Jackson State University in 1985, Dr. Doty went on to become recognized as a leader, both locally and nationally in the areas of education and speech-language pathology.  Her work included serving as a lecturer,   professor and director of the Speech and Hearing Center at Jackson State University.  She has received numerous awards and commendations.  She was a seven-time recipient of Jackson State University’s Spotlight on Scholars in the School of Liberal Arts and has received numerous grants to assist students and professionals in her discipline.  Additionally, she is published in several academic and educational journals.

A  Jackson, Mississippi business leader, Dr. Doty serves as an education, community and government consultant for many local, regional and national organizations.  Doty has received many awards from local, state and national organizations for her contributions to the community.  She received the 2004 Ambassador for Peace Award presented by the Interreligious and International Peace Council of Washington, DC.  Additionally, she was named a 2004 Role Model for the 8,000 Middle School GEAR-UP students of Mississippi; and received Proclamations and Commendations from the Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee State Legislatures for her outstanding service to the community.  In June, 2006 the Jackson Branch of the NAACP recognized her with the John Dixon Award, which is presented to an individual making the greatest contribution to the total improvement of the community. In June 2007, the Jackson Branch NAACP presented Doty with the Sam Bailey Award, presented to the person making the greatest contribution in the area of volunteerism and activism.

Dr. Doty has been a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha for 37 years. She is currently a member of Beta Delta Omega Chapter in Jackson, Mississippi.  She has served as vice-president, President, a two-term Parliamentarian, Assistant Graduate Advisor and Chaired numerous chapter committees and activities.  As President, the chapter received a $20,000 grant from the  US Dept of Health and Human Services for programs which is the largest contribution received by the chapter.

Nationally, she has served as Chairman of the International Membership Committee, served on the National Finance Committee and as the National Program Chairman.   She also served as the 2006 AKA National Founders Day Chairman.   As National Program Chairman, she has assisted the sorority in receiving a $1.5 Million grant (the second largest grant Alpha Kappa Alpha has ever received in its more than 100 year history) from the U.S. Dept of Education to fund a 3-year after school tutoring program in reading and published the sorority’s  “first ever” books written by children for children:  The Spirit Within:  Voices of Young Authors”.  In the role of National Program Chairman, she has helped to bring more than $2 Million dollars of resources to the sorority. For these distinguished contributions, she received the President’s Spirit Award at the 2006 National Convention in Detroit.  Dr. Doty has assisted in bringing in more than $25 Million dollars to community organizations and universities.

During her 3 1/2 years as South Eastern Regional Director, chapters in the South Eastern Region have contributed more than $350,000 to Historically Black Colleges and Universities.  Additionally, Doty has led a campaign to increase membership in the NAACP.   The Southeast Region of the NAACP recognized South Eastern in 2008 at its Regional Conference for its support in increasing the membership in the NAACP.  She was invited to be a guest at the 2008 Centennial NAACP Image Awards in Los Angeles, CA by the MS NAACP State Conference President in recognition of the outstanding work of the Region.  Chapters in the Region have seen tremendous growth in their operations and programmatic thrusts during her term as Regional Director.

Doty is dedicated to her native Mississippi and serves on many local, state and national Boards of nonprofit organizations, chairing numerous committees and events.   At the national level, she has served on the prestigious Board of Directors of the Washington, DC based Corporation for National and Community Service.  She was nominated by President Bill Clinton and confirmed by the U.S. Congress to serve on this Board.  She has also served on the Board of Governors of the Josephson Institute of Ethics.  Her role has been as an advocate for service delivery to underserved communities. 

As a dedicated advocate, Dr. Doty spends much of her time promoting equity for all persons and encouraging others to become involved in service.  Indeed, her life’s story is a reflection of a call to service to her family, her community,  her state and her nation.