Canton Community Character Institute (Triple C)

The Canton Community Character Institute is an after school program that was developed for fifth Grade students at the Nichols Middle School. The Triple C purpose was to increase character development and educational achievement in our children. The mentors followed twenty five children throughout their middle school years (5th-8th grades) and assisted them in finding and nurturing their career interests, teaching them key character values and introducing them to activities necessary for success. (i.e. etiquette and public speaking). Not only were they given an opportunity to receive the benefits of such preparation, but they also learned that is better to give than receive by participating in community service projects.

I. The CCC Institute Objectives:

  • Promoted an effective character development program to assist in reshaping values and attitudes.
  • Promoted positive social learning experiences for children
  • Advocated for the development and promotion of community service learning and volunteering while supporting academic learning.
  • Convened and mobilized individuals, groups and business partners to be mentors and tutors for children

II. The CCC Institute Strategies to meet the objectives utilizing the Mentors:

  • Called and or visited the students on a consistent basis
  • Supported the parent’s involvement and participation in the educational activities of the students
  • Supported the parent’s involvement in participating in individual and/or group field trips for the students
  • Contacted the teacher(s) to check on the student’s progress
  • Were available to listen to the children

At the end of the 3 years of working with the 25 students, teachers reported an improvement in the students’ academic grades and attitudes in the classroom.  Nissan presented Triple C and the Nichols Middle School a check for $5000.00 to continue the work of the project.